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3 Most Common Timber Problems

Most properties are built with timber frames and structures. As a result, your home can become victim to some common timber problems. Here are the three most frequent issues to watch out for:

Wet rot

Wet rot is a type of fungus that occurs thanks to damp. Many homes suffer from timber damp problems, which creates the perfect conditions for this rot to form. As the name suggests, it slowly starts to rot away at the timber, which can cause structural issues. Thankfully, this problem can be solved with damp proofing methods like damp injections.

Dry rot

Dry rot is another type of fungus, but this tends to occur in timber that’s not overly damp. Unfortunately, it’s a bigger issue that wet rot as the fungus is very aggressive. In effect, it will decay the timber quicker, meaning it needs to be acted upon right away.


A woodworm comes from the larvae of different species of beetle. Beetles can find their way into your timber structures, where they lay their eggs. Then, woodworms hatch and begin to eat away at the wooden structures in your home. Again, this can significantly impact the structural integrity of the timber!

All three of these timber problems could be happening in your home without you even realising it. Take a look in your attic to see if the timber frames are showing any signs of deterioration. If you suspect they are, then call an expert to take a look at the issue right away. From here, a solution can be found to fix the problem and restore your timber.

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