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What is Woodworm And How To Treat It?

What Is Woodworm?

Woodworm is an affliction in wood caused by the larvae of certain species of wood-boring beetle. The larvae feed on wood, burrowing down into it in a series of thin channels. Over time, as they create more channels, the wood loses structural integrity and can fail. Woodworm, therefore, is a severe problem.

Where Is Woodwork Most Likely?

Woodworm can occur in any wood, although it is more common in wood that is damp. Wood with higher moisture content is easier for beetles to chew and so can become damaged more quickly than wood that is try. You can find woodworm in practically any species of wood, including oak, ash, and mahogany.

Different beetles have different preferences for the type of wood that they like to eat, but no kind of wood is truly safe.

Can You Treat Woodworm?

Whenever considering treating woodworm yourself, it’s important to consult with an expert. Sometimes, you can treat woodworm effectively using home kits, but there are circumstances (especially where woodworm has compromised the structural integrity of a building), that you’ll need the help of professionals.

If you suspect woodworm in furniture, then you can dip or spray the furniture in an off-the-shelf woodworm treatment. This treatment will kill all the woodworm and help to protect the wood from future outbreaks.

Some types of woodworm infestation, like the House Longhorn variety, require the help of a specialist. Structural experts will need to inspect the integrity of your property to make sure that the woodworm has not compromised the strength of the building.

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