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Damp Proof Injection Cream: What you need to know

When you start to notice signs of rising damp in your house (such as damp skirting boards, peeling paint or wallpaper, damp patches up the wall), it’s time to think about how you will fix it. If you leave it for too long, it can be extremely expensive, therefore you want to get it sorted before it’s too late. A great solution to rising damp is to inject damp proof injection cream.

What is damp proof injection cream?

Damp proof injection cream is a quick and economical solution to treating rising damp. High strength, the cream penetrates the masonry in the wall to help to provide a water repellent barrier. Done as part of a damp proofing course, it will allow you to feel safe that your home is protected from the rising damp coming back.

How does it work?

Damp proof injection cream can be inserted into the masonry after a 12mm diameter hole is drilled into the mortar joint, 150mm above ground level. It then penetrates inside the building material, allowing the active ingredients inside it to be absorbed throughout the wall, protecting it from water.

How to know if you need it

As mentioned above, you will know if you need damp proof injection cream if when you are building your house, renovating or simply living in your house you notice signs of rising damp. One of the first signs of damp other than the physical wetness is the musty smell. If your house is starting to smell this way, it could be a sign you need to invest in a damp repair such as the injection cream.

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